Project Overview


  1. Screen & Cursing  unit:
  • Vibrating  Screen.
  • Jaw Crasser
  • Bucket Elevator
  • Blower
  • Belt Conveyor
  • Dust Collector


  1. Grinding Unit :
  • Ball Mill
  • Belt Conveyor
  • Bucket Conveyor
  • Screw Conveyor
  • Horizontal Vortex Flow Air Separator (O- sepa)
  • Cyclone Collector

 3. Air Compressor : Two reciprocation compressor capacity of each 10m 3 /min.

 4. Silo : Total Capacity of Silo No-01 & Silo No-02 is (3000×2) = 6000 MT

 4. Crane for Raw materials unloading : One mechanical electrical crane is available for unloading the raw materials from the cargo/barge. The grab capacity is 05 (Five) MT. It is possible to unload 1200 MT of Clinker in a day.

 5. Source of Power Supply : The factory has own power line (11 kv) from the nearest Polly Bidhut Samity, Patiya. It has own electrical substation inside  the factory premises equipped with two transformers and other equipment.

 6. Man power and Technical: For smooth operation at rated capacity over 12 hourly 2 shifts of 340 working days workforce will be employed.

 7. Fire & Safely Measures :Complete fire fighting solution including fire extinguisher, water line, pump and automatic extinguishing system will be installed in the project.

 8. Workshop Facility: The factory has both electrical & Mechanical workshop. The mechanical workshop has to Lath Machine, Shaper Machine, Drill Machine, Grinding Machine, Welding Machine Electric Workshop, Avometer etc.

 9. Quality Control Lab : The lab room of the quality assurance department composed of two compartment, One is for Chemical analysis & another for Physical analysis.

10. Raw Materials Storage Facilities : One Clinker storage shed (90x20x7m) having storage cap, 3000 MT of Clinker, Slag, limestone, gypsum. The shed are connected by belt conveyors from the jetty. The raw materials unloading by crane to belt conveyor through shed.

11. Store & Ware house:    SCIL is divided into four categories-

a)      Raw Materials, b) Chemicals, c)Spare Parts, d)Supplies.

12. SCIL has a good number of stock items of spares and supplies to combat preventive, predictive and break down maintenances.

 13. Factory Maintenance :  We do factory maintenance of all the units crane and crushing unit, grinding unit, compressor and packing unit.


14. Office Building : The company has its own 4 stored Building with space of the each floor 4141 sft. There is a well-furnished rest house for foreign delegates and VIP personal.